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Standard Red airline cart as seen on commercial flights. 

It is in used condition with various marks from use on aircraft but it is these imperfections that make these carts so special and unique. If you want the orginal look to a cart or are looking to cover a cart then these are perfect.

As with all our carts, they are serviced with 8 wheels, green/red stop and go pedals, ice tray, front handle, and front locking mechanism with holes for locks.

Standard Red Cart

  • Dimensions of our carts are approx.
    103cm height x 40.5cm depth x 32cm width

    Many of our carts are made to order so please allow time to process the order. All items sold are subject to our terms and conditions.

    All airline carts are different and come in varying condition so may be slightly different to the pictures.

    If you would like this cart to be customised and fitted with accessories such as LED's then please email us.
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