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Welcome to our family run business 'Dynamic Airline Carts'.
With 35 years experience in the airline catering and cargo industry, we now specialise in producing a range of airline carts for people to purchase and use for a variety of reasons. All our carts have been used on aircrafts, and the imperfections that they carry from travelling around the world are what make these carts so special. They are very unique and quirky, and a real talking point wherever they go. 
Our carts are used for a vast variety of reasons including:
  • drinks trolley and mobile bar,
  • wine rack,  
  • file cabinet/organiser,
  • games storage station,
  • music centre, toy cabinet,
  • bookshelf,
  • toolbox,
  • BBQ station,
  • kitchen unit,
  • post box,
  • the list is endless.
Many of our customers use our carts for personal events such as parties and weddings, and as storage. However, other customers use branded carts in their corporate offices and at corporate events. We are happy to cater for every need.
All of our carts, are original heavy duty carts, which roll on 8 wheels and have green and red, stop and go pedals. They all have the front locking mechanism with holes for padlocks, and a front handle. They also have an ice tray in the top and ridges for drawers/shelves inside.
We offer a chance to purchase metal drawers and plastic drawers to fit in our carts as well as our custom designed wine bottle shelves and glasses shelves (that cannot be purchased anywhere else). We also offer other accessories such as LED lights which we are happy to fit with hidden wires and on/off switch (subject to fitting costs). Email us with your requirements and we will try our best to  assist. 
We currently sell our carts under four categories:
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